What are my chances? Jade#3 Due April 25 (boy); 1 child; Whitby, Ontario 8 posts
24th Apr '13

I have a couple of strikes against me but I am hoping I can do it. My first son was born via c-section due to my placenta previa and he is 19 months old. I am 39+6days pregnant with my second boy and all along I wanted to try a vbac. To ensure my Dr. would be the one doing my c-section if needed I had a planned one scheduled for today but since my drs. appointment on Tuesday she said I was 1 cm dilated 75percent effaced and minus 2 so there was a tiny bit of progress happening. I did cancel my c-section in hopes to go natural this time but my one draw back is I had a previous leep or leap done before my son and my Dr. Said it may cause a problem with the scar tissue that may have formed on my cervix to progress enough to deliver. My question is has anyone had this experience or know of anyone and what was their outcome? Thanks and sorry for the novel!!!

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status 24th Apr '13

Never had a section but have had a leep and 3 normal.vaginal deliveries and was fine

Jade#3 Due April 25 (boy); 1 child; Whitby, Ontario 8 posts
24th Apr '13

That is reassuring to know, thanks!!

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24th Apr '13

Thats really exciting! I have a planned csection scheduled for may 27th but if I go into labor on my own I'm going to attempt a vbac! Good luck!