how to keep 7mo entertained Shelby Chappell Due November 29 (girl); 1 child; Alberta 1575 posts
26th Apr '13

My LO is almost 7 months old now and he is exploring everywhere. But he will get irritated sometimes if myself or DH aren't on the ground with him. When I do sit on the ground to try and play with him I kind of a loss of how to entertain him. I was never around babies growing up so when I had him I was like oh crap. And my insecurities are starting to come up. I don't know what things I can do with him to keep him entertained. He is a really good baby most of the time. Also now that both my husband and I have a key to our building I will be taking DS for walks. What kinds of things can I do when I am at home though to play with him? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I feel silly sitting there not really knowing what to do to play with him.

Flag 1 child; Newmarket, Ontario 1681 posts
26th Apr '13

Play with his toys, sing and act out rhymes and songs (e.g. itsy bitsy and do the spider with your fingers) get different fabrics and wave them around him and tickle him with them, let him play with bath bubbles, give him different things to check out- LO used to love kitchen utensils, now she loves investigating veggies.

[[Breezy]] 1 child; Savannah, Georgia 14464 posts
26th Apr '13

Just make little sensory bins - gather up random objects from around the house, throw 'em in a bowl and let him play with 'em. :)