breastfeeding during pregnancy ♥Three Times Lucky Due December 17; 18 kids; Kelowna, British Columbia 371 posts
26th Apr '13

I am 6 weeks pregnant with my third and still nursing my 7 month old. I had hoped to continue nursing her until she is one, but my nipples are soooooo sore! DD has been pulling on the nipple and chomping a bit, and they are already sore without that extra irritation. Any ideas to ease the pain? Also my gp tried to tell me that my milk will probably dry up, how do you know if they are not getting enough? DD has been eating more frequently, but I was thinking that it was probably a growth spurt. Any tips or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

raptor mommy saves 1 child; Berlin, Germany 811 posts
26th Apr '13

As far as I know the milk doesn't necessarily dry up but changes to colostrum at some point...
If your LO has wet diapers and gains weight, she gets enough :)