Pusherman user banned
26th Apr '13

Push it real good

I'mOnFire 1 child; Kentucky 2133 posts
26th Apr '13

Well I don't necessarily think its cool to bash some other artist on a youtube video that is complete irrelevant to the one you are listening to but I do have to say this...

Eventually the "good" music such as some of the ones you have listed will be forgotten... I don't know if you've noticed but most kids I've met under the age of 17 couldn't tell you who the f**k George Jones or Fleetwood Mac is. When my son is graduating high school all these legends will be dead... And over time more than like forgotten because a lot of people don't give a shit to let their kids listen to shit that matters. Ugh. It saddens me.

My son will be inviting his friends over to listen to vinyl and walking around school with a f**king walkman with a bunch of artist over half the kids have never heard of. Good lord. He has not a hope in hell to fit in with kids in the future hahahaha.

♛Queen Boo♛ 2 kids; United Kingdom 2526 posts
26th Apr '13

It's ridiculous ! Even more so when it's coming from adults. I've seen loads of posts, on different forums where adults are posting about how much they hate him etc! I mean, really? He is a kid ffs!

Lucid Dreamer Florida 3829 posts
27th Apr '13

I believe the issue is jealously. Most of JB's haters are young men because because JB has been one of the hottest male pop stars for the last 3 years and could steal anyone's girlfriend if he wanted to. .