MissMommy ♥ Due November 18 (boy); Wisconsin 315 posts
27th Apr '13
Quoting I'm His Amy He's My Rory:" Ugh I hate that attitude."

So do I. I work in a store with a grocery store and used to spend $5 or $6 a day on food but realized how expensive that was so now I take a lunch and save so much money. He doesn't care, thinks it's too much work and he says he doesn't like anything he can pack to take. Bull, he's just lazy :P

Mamaof3cuties Due March 9; Pennsylvania 91 posts
28th Apr '13

How can 1 person spend $14 at McDonalds? I don't think that is even possible.

FroggysMommy 1 child; Golden, Colorado 26812 posts
status 28th Apr '13

so what did he end up buying?

*Ay&Ryker's Mommy* Due January 14 (boy); 1 child; Kentucky 364 posts
28th Apr '13
Quoting MissMommy ♥:" I give my boyfriend my debit card this morning so he can "spend $3 at McDonalds on his lunch break". ... [snip!] ... chips that I've been craving. Just checked my bank account and he spent $23 at Walmart. What the f**king hell?! :evil: :roll:"

My theory is NEVER trust a man with your debit card!! I do the same thing with my husband on Friday's when I get paid. I constantly watch my account, and he always goes over what's needed for the bills. I really think that men just don't know how to conserve money and spend it wisely!! Well at least my husband any ways.

MissMommy ♥ Due November 18 (boy); Wisconsin 315 posts
28th Apr '13
Quoting FroggysMommy:" so what did he end up buying?"

Fishing crap :evil: I was like you seriously couldn't have waited for your paycheck on Monday to get that stuff?!

MissMommy ♥ Due November 18 (boy); Wisconsin 315 posts
28th Apr '13
Quoting Mamaof3cuties:" How can 1 person spend $14 at McDonalds? I don't think that is even possible."

He didn't. He spent $7 at Taco Bell and another $7 at Culvers. Ate out for lunch and then again for dinner.

Lin Brown 2 kids; Tunnel Hill, Georgia 1797 posts
28th Apr '13

my brother is the same way, my sil has to hide money because he can go to a gas station for a pack of smokes and come home with 3 bags of junk. its not worth to fight over it and it doesn't mean you shouldn't share money, i share a bank account with my husband and even after 3 years we have never fought about money. sometimes you just have to keep a little stash for when he goes to pick something up and just give him the amount he will need

Nicola. 2 kids; Huntsville, AL, United States 7178 posts
28th Apr '13
Quoting MissMommy ♥:" Lmfao I'll go hormonal on him and be like WTF. He has a habit of ignoring my calls though. Apparently they're never important enough to answer or something. :roll:"

I wouldn't put up with that. Not only spending that much money when you didn't really have it to spend but ignoring phone calls. Not answering because you are busy is one thing obviously but if he just ignores them because he doesn't want to bother, that is another thing all together.

From the day SO and I moved in together we have shared a bank account. We are both mindful of what we have to spend. We run it by each other if we are running low that month.
Sounds like you should have a talk with him and hopefully it doesn't happen again.