irregular periods? BrodyLiamsMommy Due January 31 (boy); Arkansas 12 posts
28th Apr '13

Ok ladies. I had my baby boy 12 weeks ago via csection. I had my pp bleeding for ab 5 weeks. My doctor put me on birth control at 8 weeks pp. I have previously never been on bc. During my first week of the pill I started my first period and had it for ab a week and a half. Almost two weeks. Then I had it again a little over a week later for ab a week. I finished and was off for another week and I just started it again!!! They are all heavy. Is this normal?? I feel like I have been bleeding since I gave birth!! Is it from the bc? Should I talk to my doc? I am sooooooo sick of being on my period!! Help!!!

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28th Apr '13

it can take your body a few months to adjust to bc pills.....u r only supposed to bleed the week of placebo pills.......unless u r on minipill (& breastfeeding)