weefee 1 child; Glasgow, Î, United Kingdom 478 posts
May 1st '13

Yeah I felt bad for ages and I always wonder if I didn't try hard enough. I always have to justify it as well which is annoying. I've come to accept that I wasn't in the right place physically or mentally after his birth lol the wee bugger nearly killed me so we were seperated for two days during which time he was bottle fed and I developed PPD and I think had I continued and failed to breastfeed it would have made me worse and that would be no good for me or him.

Now I don't care as much because he's happy, healthy and growing perfectly so I know he's fine and for me that's the most important thing :)

If you want to try again go for it but don't feel pressured into it because otherwise it will be a horrible experience for you and him. Good luck!