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2nd May '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Anthony's Mommy ♥:</b>" This made me LOL. My son is really good with problem solving, logic, words, and math but is not so ... [snip!] ... He's finally starting to draw human faces though because I modeled it, so maybe try modeling the artwork with your, daughter"</blockquote>

lol, im really Darci l

that was me and my sister, she sucked at English and wrirting she did the whole hooked on phonics 3 diff times, and still can't read or spell
, lol
, and history, which i was good at... she was awesome in math... i did all of her projects, and essays, she did my math lol
im still shocked we didn't get into trouble, like no one noticed we did
so good at home, and dumb as a Sack of rocks in class lol

I wish, but she just has no interest at all... i recently got back into styling shoots again so she sees me on machine, or when I size the girls. Or when I'm doing some drapping, she's more annoyed than curious... Maks, my lil 1 is basically my girl... he likes make up brushes, high heels and he has long wavy hair lol