Catching up with a friend Kait. [plus 2] 2 kids; Oregon 588 posts
2nd May '13

When I was in high school I was a teachers aide in a special edu. class. I got to be pretty good friends with this girl, O, and her mom worked with my dad and my mom got to be pretty good friends with O's mom as well. I moved out of town for awhile but my mom kept me informed of how she was doing (Im horrible at staying in touch wiyh ALL my friends).

Anyways, I ran into O and her mom today! O gave me a big hug and filled me in on her life. Btw O has downs syndrome. She is very smart and super witty! She has a boyfriend now who also has DS. She showed me a pic and they looked so cute and happy! I told him how handsome I thought he was and that he looked like a keeper and she leaned in and told me "I've already kissed him twice" (they've been dating almost a year:) ).

Oh O, how I have missed your sweet innocent spirit, I am excited though I gave her my new number and she promised me she would let me take her out for lunch!