best way to get all traces of the shot out. Athenas Momma TTC since Apr 2013; 1 child; Findlay, oh, United States 24 posts
3rd May '13

My depo shot has almost "expired" so my husband and i are going to TTC for our second.What would be the best way to get it competently out?I am already working on losing the weight (with success i must add) i've herd there is thing you can eat to 'detox' your body.Anyway best advice?any comments are welcome (:

Kara-lynn Due July 21; 65 kids; Florida 2063 posts
3rd May '13

I would speak with a holistic doctor and go with a detox through them. The Depo shot is very toxic to your body and can seriously affect fertility.

Athenas Momma TTC since Apr 2013; 1 child; Findlay, oh, United States 24 posts
3rd May '13

i've herd that and i really regret it now.

jazzzzz* 2 kids; Beverly Hills, California 7558 posts
3rd May '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Athenas Momma:</b>" i've herd that and i really regret it now."</blockquote>

My cousin was in it for five years. Was pregnant three months after stopping. Me on the other hand took me two years after implanon.

p3rf3ctcin Due October 28; 3 kids; Memphis, Tennessee 681 posts
3rd May '13


I took one round of the Depo May 2012 and it destroyed my cycle. I started bleeding the week I got the shot until October 1, 2012. My second shot was due August 21st and I refused to do it again. After using no methods of prevention, I got pregnant in December 2012.

So it roughly took about three months to flush out of my system (after missing my second round) before I started ovulating again and fell pregnant.

The Blissful Six 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Massachusetts 10260 posts
3rd May '13

I was on the depo two different times for about 6 months each time. It never affected my fertility.

Mommy2ThreeLilMonkeys 3 kids; California 5005 posts
3rd May '13

i got the depo after having my son in may 2011 & i bled for 6 full weeks, i got slightly anemic and they had to do a d&c to help stop the bleeding... it was horrible... but i think tons of foods rich in antioxidants, berriers are great! smooties made with fresh berries & sweating your butt off during a workout (lemon water to drink or green tea), dark leafy greens...could be completely wrong but that's what i think to detox of something...