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<blockquote><b>Quoting The Original Mayhem.:</b>" I'll maybe have to try that next. I'm just so over this! Eeewww. "</blockquote>

At least you might not see it ants carry food to their nest they don't eat it right there.

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May 4th '13
Quoting The Original Mayhem.:" I'm just so creeped out at the thought of them coming and going before they all die :lol: I hate ants, they horrify me. I hate spring. This always happens. :x"

I empathize. I loathe bugs in general.
My fiance put this spray stuff called Raid in certain places and ever since we never see ants and only a fly here and there where there used to be a bunch.
May be toxic to kids though, cuz I'm pretty sure my fiance said we probably shouldn't use it once Kira is here.