1inpink2inblue Switzerland 11961 posts
4th May '13

I would have reported my dh for hitting me. there is NO excuse for that EVER. That is were I draw the line entirely. I put up with a lot of crap from my dh but if he ever hit me his ass would be sitting in jail. And his career would be 100% over from domestic abuse. Also I would have called the police and had some one come take a report about the car. I would have made the parents responsible for the damages that their kid did when they were to busy being shitty people to care.

Addy & Grace & Owen's Mom ; 3 kids; Michigan 1354 posts
4th May '13
Quoting Thisperyears:" Tell the f****r he can sleep on the couch tonight. Omg I'm mad for you right now. He thinks that you ... [snip!] ... would reflect badly on him imagine how it would look if word got around that he hit his pregnant wife in front of his kids."

I don't even want him near me. I think I am going to tell him he needs to go to his mother's house for the night. I just need time to think about it all.

Goal_Digger 1 child; Charlotte, NC, United States 41196 posts
4th May '13

He works for law enforcement and punched you in the arm. What a real douche bag !!

No I do not think you're in the wrong. I would have done the same thing.

Bobber Due October 1; 1 child; Manitoba 137 posts
4th May '13

He is wrong. Very wrong. I'm sorry that he didnt stick up for you & did that. I would be royally pissed & hurt too if I were you. What were you suppose to do just let the white trash family damage your new vehicle?? If he is so high & mighty mr. Law enforcement man he should have had the situation under control...or at least tried to have handled it...instead of making you do it. What a tool. I hope things go alright when you tell him to go to his mothers. If he flips & calls you a drama queen or something else degrading just know that your not. Your completely in the right for wanting space after that & you handled the situation just fine, he's the one who didn't & I hope he chills the f**k out & realizes that too.

user banned 1 child; Germany 12377 posts
4th May '13

I don't think you did anything wrong, although I would have made a greater effort to make sure the parents heard me.. it's possible they didn't realize you were talking to them if they didn't notice what the kid was even doing.

Personally, I would have grabbed the stick out of the kid's hand and said "no thank you," in a rude "obviously" voice. I probably wouldn't have yelled at the kid, especially in front of the parent that looked rough and was with a crowd - that's kind of asking for it imo lol

Eli&Elliot's Mommy! 2 kids; Brooklyn, New York 2109 posts
5th May '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting MunchkinWrangler:</b>" Hell no. If some kid was whacking my brand new van with a stick I would shout at them to knock it off, ... [snip!] ... after your husband punched you in the arm I would have stated "I MAKE YOU LOOK BAD? Hit your wife again and see who looks bad.""</blockquote>

Can't agree with you anymore!