Simply, Mom 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Upland, 11712 posts
5th May '13

damn looks like I should have checked my topic replies after I posted on the first page lol. shit got real lol

Mandi Bass 1 child; Minnesota 1061 posts
5th May '13
Quoting Mama*AtoZ:" Is it just because it's still common there and most people used to do it that you/other parents just ... [snip!] ... Like i say, it's so beyond what is acceptable and normal here so the process that leads to that choice is confusing to me. "

SO wanted it done, and LO's doctor recommended it so I assumed it was something that should be done and we did it. I hadn't thought about it before and they both said they thought it should be done.

BastiansMommy 1 child; Lacey, WA, United States 2433 posts
5th May '13
Quoting Princess Celestia [14]:" I'm against circumcision but I don't really give a shit about someone else's kid's p***s."


Alyssa Marie Smith Due December 1; 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 193 posts
6th May '13

At 3 days old (or in my sons case 8 days old) they wont remember. it is a personal choice but if u leave it to them the older tey r the more dangerous it is. toddlers have to be put under.adults can get severe complications if they choose to do it later in life. if u dont want ur son curcumised dont do it but other moms dont nees to bash others for asking a simple question about it.

Stephanie Vandevelde Due December 14; 2 kids; Morriston, Florida 6 posts
7th May '13

I had my 1st son in Dec. No experience with a boy ... everyones like o circumcize your son... first off its 200 dollars and I didnt have the 200 dollars bcuz im a single mom of 3 kids ... so my sons not circumcized ... and I think I made the right choice... bcuz i know some of my friends there sons got it done and the doctors messed up on it .. .

its literally the parents decision
People need to mind there damn business
when they become the parent then they do it to there kid

Mrs.Dani Due July 3; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Oxnard, California 10272 posts
7th May '13

I am pretty Anti-RIC. I mean I am not going to tell anyone they are shit moms and make them feel bad for their decision, but I do try and give out info to my friends and let them decide for themselves. When I was pregnant with my son I didn't really give much thought to it and was just going to get it done. Then I cam on here and read a circumcision debate and found out so much info on it I changed my mind. Thank god my DH will agree with whatever decision I choose. I know have a healthy intact almost 11 month old. I know if I did circumcise I would feel horrible and super guilty. I honestly don't know how I would cope with learning the truth about it if I had my son done.

Spackgirrl Due July 3; 35 kids; Kansas 2897 posts
7th May '13

This will always be a debate. Ultimately it's up to you to make the decision. For me it is about religion. If the hospital did not offer it then I would have a rabbi do it (which is still done in this area).

I do not judge people either way.