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5th May '13

My friend is having a problem with her sons school

Can you please post this for me.

Im having a terrible time with my son's school. [Head Start] Before school started I called for an IEP meeting and expressed my concerns about Autism, concerns Ive had since he was two. I had a letter from his pedi stating he had concerns too. The psychologist looked at my 3y9m old and said he couldnt be autistic because he was doing a puzzle. It was one of those wooden peg animal puzzles. She said to wait 6 months after he's been in school to see if his issues have gone away. Funny because I wasnt aware autistic children can't do puzzles. Fast forward to 4y1m his pedi sent us to another doctor and he was diagnosed with autism. I took the papers to his school and asked for another IEP. We had one and his teacher backed me up on it and said she sees some of the same issues at school. I was sitting beside the same psychologist and saw her type in her ipad "possible autism"

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5th May '13

Find a new school.

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5th May '13

Threaten to sue the school district (not that you actually would) for not providing him the services he needs. That really gets their attention.

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5th May '13

im not to familar with autism but i know schools can be a b***h with IEPs and dealing with children on them, my old town was amazing with my sons IEP but this new town i had to call everyone.....

For what ever state you are in there should be people to contact. Board of special education will protect them and force them to basically suck ur d*** if u want them too they are awesome in protecting children. We have our school by the balls and I love it.... we ended up getting my son testing from a different town they will do what ever they can for you, especially if there is an IEP already in place even if its not for his autism

thats all the advice i can give... but look around online and have her call everyone she can

HamHam 18 kids; India 3485 posts
5th May '13

I'm surprised she wouldn't budge with all the documentation and support from the rest of the team. I'd suggest your friend contact the school district and ask about an educational advocate or someone that can help advocate on the child's behalf. Request to speak to the director of the special Ed/early childhood programs as well.

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5th May '13

Ok, so from my experience (though people generally went along with what I said) this is what I can say:

- EVERYTHING in writing. Communicate on the phone or in person, sure, but EVERY conversation follow it up with an email (with a requested read receipt) stating what was discussed. Try to get them to respond in email instead of the phone. It holds more proof down the line.

- Make copies off all dx papers and give them personally to each member of the team working with the child. Do NOT depend on anyone to pass anything along.

- The school pysch/speech are not qualified to dx the child. A autism dx comes from a group of doctors who work together to come up with that dx because the child MUST be lacking in 3 area's to get that dx. That dr's dx is ALL that matters, not he opinion of the school employee's.

-Go straight to the school board if the questions and stalling don't stop. If they don't help, right on to your board of education. There is ALWAYS someone higher up to complain to.

- If she thinks that a child doesn't have autism because they are playing by another child, then she is not AT ALL qualified to make a dx because she knows shit all about autism. If you have to, get your doctors (that don't have their heads up their asses) to put that in writing for her.