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6,000 mg of ibuprofen in one night Hikaru Katsu 1 child; Japan 641 posts
5th May '13

a friend of mine is really depressed and lost it last night. she was already drinking and then took 6,000 mg of ibuprofen. she refuses to go to the hospital and or talk to her therapist about it because she is afraid dcfs will get involved. what should she do?

user banned Nassau, BA, Bahamas 5125 posts
5th May '13

No she NEEDS to get help. Ibuprofen will take a shit on her liver, fast. She needs to at least go to the hospital. I've tried to commit suicide a few times in the past couple of years and CPS never used it against me. I still have my children.

user banned 3 kids; Portland, Michigan 15675 posts
5th May '13

Obviously she's not doing what she should be doing if she isn't going to the hospital so how about you try to contact her family or something and have them do something about it? But I don't think you can die off of ibuprofen.

Tikaytasha 17 kids; New York 11503 posts
5th May '13

Taking all that in one night isn't the greatest, but it won't kill you. If she's continues to take the same dosage on a constant basis it will slowly destroy her liver, then what will her kids do? She needs help, ASAP.

Hikaru Katsu 1 child; Japan 641 posts
5th May '13

i tried to tell her to at least go to the hospital and get checked out cause shes still feeling really out of it and weak. she keeps telling me that she'll go to the hospital tomorrow if shes still feeling like this. that is a good idea to just contact her family and have them do something.