Husband Made My Day xo Nae&Zoe's Mommy 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Red Deer, Alberta 652 posts
6th May '13

This weekend was absolutley fantastic!! Had nice hot days, got to take the girls outside to play and have a nice BBQ for my mom's birthday. My brother in law and his wife stopped over to tell me and my husband that they were PREGNANT :):) YAY Im going to be an Aunty (my first in the family baby)!!!! My other niece and nephew are my Best Friends kids. I friggin bawled, I am soo happy for them :). My husband has told me since we were pregnant with our second that we were done. He was happy with our two girls and he was going to get fixed :(.. So I was super excited about another baby (even though my youngest is only 6 months).
After we got there news my husband and I were talking as we went to the grocery store to pick up the last few things for my moms bbq supper and he could tell I was thinking about something and it was kinda making me sad. He asked what, and I said that it hurt they we never got to experiance the YAY WE'RE PREGNANT!!! Suprise with everyone... When we first got pregnant we had only known each other a month and a half he was 20 and I was 22.. So his parents were not to impressed and gave us the "keep it, put it up for adoption or abort it talk" so lovely.... My family was happy but still not the reaction I wanted.. and with our second she just happened. His parents acted like it wasnt happening again... My family was super supportive and was excited (still not the reaction I was looking for). So it kinda got me upset because his family was super excited about my brother in law having a baby.. I told him all of this as we pulled into the grogery store. Put the car in park. He held my had and said "Babe, you'll have that experiance too. I promise in a couple years we will have another baby" <3<3<3<3 Of course I went NUTS!!! I told him he better not be screwing with me cause it wouldnt be funny, what he just said meant the world to me. He said even if we had another girl this next time we would be for sure done lol three is his limit hahaha :):) Fine by me I just wanted one more try for a boy. Im sooo beyond happy right now. I love that man :)

kays`mumma Due December 2 (boy); 34 kids; Australia 441 posts
6th May '13

Lol I'm on my 3rd now hoping for a boy as iv got two little girls already (healthy is what we want really) but my partner said two was his
Limit haha but I was more than happy to have a third
Try for a boy!

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
6th May '13

Aww nice :)
I know how you feel about not getting the reaction you want. All my kids were 'accidents' lol, and just now getting our life in order 3 kids later, so none of my pregnancies were exactly thrilling for my family.