Potty-training "Uh-oh's" SareinaMariee; 1 child; New York 31 posts
6th May '13

So, my daughter has been doing OK with the whole potty training, BUT she's been having alot more accidents now than what she had when she 1st started...she will know she has to pee stand there and say "uh-oh" as shes peeing! Same for poopy! If i say bad girl she will laugh at me and run away :/ Time outs haven't been really phasing her either.. idk what to do anymore! Any tips? Or ideas? Anything? Lol


Rebekah Garden x3 Due October 5 (boy); 33 kids; Fall River, Massachusetts 5223 posts
6th May '13

Reward and praise work way better than punishment!

Mandi 18 kids; New Mexico 16517 posts
6th May '13

Personally, I found more success potty training my daughter when it was positively reinforced when she went, rather than negatively reinforced when she had an accident. We tried to treat PT accidents as just that - accidents. We'd say "uh oh," clean it up, get changed, and say "let's try to use the potty next time." Nothing else. No time-outs, no "bad girl," nothing. Then, we'd make a big deal out of it when she went on the potty, praising her, getting excited, etc.

My daughter was very hard to PT. She didn't successfully PT until over 3 years old. We tried everything (yes, we even did try time-outs when she had an accident). Punishing her for accidents just made it worse. We ended up going back to diapers, waiting a month or so, and starting over with ONLY positive reactions. We also started a sticker chart, which helped a bunch, as she loves stickers. When she filled up the chart (about 20 stickers) she got a little pet as a reward. Within a few weeks, she was completely PT.

SareinaMariee; 1 child; New York 31 posts
7th May '13

When did you do a sticker chat? I wanted to do a Dora PT sticker chart but was unsure if she would understand it yet?

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