Brown dischage everytime period would be due? *~Casey~* No Thanks, AB, Canada 29 posts
6th May '13

Has anyone else had brown dishcarge when you period wouldve been due for the first few months of pregnancy? This is the second time this has happened (always right on the day I would start). Just want to hear if other people have so I don't get myself worked up thinking its a miscarriage for nothing.

Thank you :)

Kady 20 kids; Texas 2616 posts
6th May '13

Brown blood is old blood so I think you're ok but call your doc just to be sure.

user banned 19 kids; Japan 4077 posts
6th May '13

not to me, but i have heard of it happening to people throughout their whole pregnancy and everything being 100% fine. i think as long as it is brown (and not red or clotty) you should be fine.