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OB vs Midwife user banned
6th May '13

Which do you prefer and why?

Allissa Specht 35 kids; Essexville, Michigan 5445 posts
6th May '13

OB because my pregnancies tend to be complicated and high risk

user banned 3 kids; Los Angeles, California 54034 posts
6th May '13

I've used both and really preferred my OB. Possibly because I just liked him better in general than I did my midwife. Also, I'm into epidurals and all that good stuff, not so much the natural thing, which it seems a lot of midwives frown upon. Mine did, anyway. I felt my OB was better educated, more experienced, and just all around made me feel more secure.

Elle&Cole⛄️ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Rio Rancho, NM, United States 28150 posts
status 6th May '13

OB because I feel more comfortable knowing if something went wrong we'd be in a hospital setting

user banned 33 kids; Blytheville, Arkansas 7534 posts
6th May '13

I would prefer to use a Midwife, but all of my pregnancies have been super complicated, so I NEED an OB.

MTB#4 Due November 1; 19 kids; Riverview, Florida 99 posts
6th May '13

OBs and Midwives are just like people in general. There are good and bad in both groups. The best thing is to do your homework, talk to ladies, read reviews, and interview a few people. Mainly find somebody that you feel comfortable with and somebody that is comfortable with your ideas and what you want out of the birthing experience. In my case, I needed to find a dr who would do a V-back, it took a while but I found a group that I liked and were open to what I want to do.

Angel [Mariah's Mommy] 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 18065 posts
6th May '13

I had both. I loved my midwife, and she was the only reason I didn't transfer to a different office. The OB was a c**t. Luckily, I only saw her maybe twice my whole pregnancy.

hobbit* 3 kids; New Zealand 44783 posts
6th May '13

My first was delivered by an OB and she was pushy and wanted to get it over with. He was delivered via (unnecessary) vontous.
My last 2 were midwives, I was my more relaxed and she let me deliver how *i* wanted to deliver. It was my birthing experience, she didn't intervene more that necessary, didn't break my waters, nothing. It was much more natural

Looks like our midwives are a hit different to yours, I had a midwife and still delivered in a hospital not a birthing centre.
And our midwives can do pretty much everything an OB can, apart from a csection. But IMO obs are only needed for high risk.

Loretta West [+1] Due March 26 (boy); TTC since May 2013; 1 child; Auckland, New Zealand 7076 posts
6th May '13

In NZ we routinely use midwifes rather than OB's. I had one appointment with a very nice OB because of some test results that turned out to be fine. I had a lot of scans and a pain in the ass, drawn out labor and I'm glad I had a midwife that was used to doing homebirths rather than a medically trained doctor or midwife because anyone like that would have sent me for a c-section four days before I actually delivered when it wasn't necessary :)

Pirate 2 kids; Arizona 1506 posts
6th May '13

I had an OB with my first. He was awesome and very supportive (plus wickedly handsome :P). I had a midwife for my second in the beginning of the pregnancy, ended up switching to an OB because she was so awful. The midwife was military though so I'm not sure what I was expecting. The OB I actually ended up with for the labor (another in the practice) made me wish I stuck with the midwife she was such a pain.

In the future if I do have another I'd like to do a home birth so obviously I'd pick midwife. But I'll probably end up meeting several before deciding on one.

Sweet lullaby Dearborn Heights, Michigan 30436 posts
6th May '13

I love my OB who was a midwife as well.

Sugarhiccup LLC ; 5 kids; Lahaina, Hawaii 2845 posts
7th May '13

I've had both. In my experience I'd prefer my midwife over an OB any day. I was allowed to birth the way I wanted. All of my prenatal appointments were non rushed and tailored to me. She made it a point to involve my dh and answer his questions as well. I was very comfortable with her.

While all of my OB's were friendly and educated I never trusted them to the extent that I trusted her. Others I've recommended to her ALL felt the same way which says a lot.

2Air Force Brats Due July 17; 2 kids; Portales, NM, United States 1387 posts
10th May '13

Have had both both pregnancies. perfer a midwife any mother loving day.
Midwives tend to listen and BELIEVE you know your own body.

Obs tend to be like " i have a medical degree... i dont care how long you have lived in your own body.. my.medical books say you are this is how i want to correct it!"