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    • Mary Rose Judith -- Votes: 7
    • Mary Rose Vivian -- Votes: 9
    • Mary Rose Lillian -- Votes: 7
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What do you think? Rob's Living Dead Girl Royersford, Pennsylvania 4226 posts
7th May '13

Which would you prefer for the name Mary, or do you have other names in mind?

Adriana's Mami♥ +1 Due December 14 (boy); 33 kids; Ontario 3858 posts
7th May '13

Personally I think all the names separate are nice but together it all sounds soo.. Proper? They are good names though.

* Clairebear * 1 child; 1 angel baby; Ireland 4893 posts
status 7th May '13

Mary Rose Judith is lovely! Mary is nice but I wouldn't use it myself. It's just because I'm Irish though, it's everywhere where I live. I must know about 10 Marys! :D

E J Due October 21; 2 kids; Neverland, ND, United States 1737 posts
status 7th May '13

I like both Lillian and Vivian. Not too big on Judith, personally.

user banned Due November 26; 1 child; Parkersburg, West Virginia 9548 posts
7th May '13

I personally love Mary Anne

user banned (girl); TTC since May 2008; Pounding Mill, VA, United States 3612 posts
7th May '13
Quoting Rob's Living Dead Girl:" Which would you prefer for the name Mary, or do you have other names in mind?"

Mary Rose Judith is gorgeous!!

Are you pregs?

Ꭿuᴛumnɑl ~, FL, United States 73614 posts
8th May '13

None. I don't like Mary.

DarkOwl85 3 kids; Illinois 560 posts
9th May '13

I like Mary Rose but the second middle names dont seem to flow well to me. Good Luck!