Thunderchunk 2 kids; Mobile, Alabama 11066 posts
9th May '13

I think she's trying to fool people when she says she wants death. Like she's saying in the interview that she wants the death penalty in case maybe the jury is listening in hopes they would give her life instead in spite or something. Idk, she's a crazy b***h that still thinks she's smarter than everyone. I really think she's a sociopath. It's never her fault and continues to show absolutely no remorse for anything she's done. Even in the interview she did after the sentencing, she continued to drag Travis' name through the mud. Ugh, I despise her.

I do think they should kill her. Travis died in such a terrible way, she deserves to die too. Plus it would be cheaper to kill her!

Thunderchunk 2 kids; Mobile, Alabama 11066 posts
9th May '13
Quoting K. P. Walsh:" Lol oh yes ma'am. The last thing she wants to do is hurt herself. She loves the attention and loves the ... [snip!] ... won't be fair because she's "not in her right mind". She's not stupid. She's not exactly smart, either, but she's not stupid. "

Even when she testified, she said she "attempted to kill herself" and took a razor blade (I think, or maybe a knife) to her wrist and "nicked" herself and said "it stung too bad to do it"

Mrs.Sherwood 1 child; Mesa, AZ, United States 5101 posts
status 9th May '13

I've followed this case for a while, since I live right down the street from where the murder occurred. She is absolutely a lying, manipulative b***h. She said in an early interveiw that "In a nutshell, two people came in and killed Travis. I've never even shot a gun. That's heinous. I can't imagine slitting anyone's throat. No jury will convict me and you can mark my words on that". She later admitted to shooting him. She thought she was smart enough to commit a murder and get away with it and well...she wasn't and she didn't.
I'm just glad she's either going to rot in prison, or die. Either way, she's getting what she deserves and justice was served.