should i feel? punkie1988 Due October 20; 2 kids; Center, Colorado 16 posts
9th May '13

ok i felt the baby move for the first time at 15.5 wks im almost 17 wks and dont feel the baby moving at all now should i be worried? i dont remember not feeling the baby move when i was pregnant with my other kids. i dont want to have to drive all the way to the hospital if i dont need to can anyone put my mind at ease?

Projectpaige 4 kids; Corona, California 876 posts
9th May '13

I always felt my kids move early but it didn't really get consistent till around 22 weeks. If you are worried, can you call instead of driving down there?

*~AngelEyes~* Due September 26 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Memphis, Tennessee 11199 posts
9th May '13

If the baby is in a different position, you'll more than likely not feel the baby move. I wouldn't worry too much about it... until 26-27 weeks with this one I didn't feel him move very much.

Gemmas mommy! 1 child; Deposit, New York 1893 posts
9th May '13

they normally tell you to drink something sugary and lay on your side and within an hour the baby should kick.

K.J♥ Due November 4; 2 kids; Russellville, Kentucky 430 posts
9th May '13

its normal to feel it move a couple times earlier than before with subsequent pregnancies but it shouldn't be consistent until between 17-22 weeks. done talked to my doctor about it cause I had the same problem.

A.V.N. TTC since May 2015; 1 child; 1994 posts
status 9th May '13

I didn't feel my baby kick til around 21 wks.... I felt a couple q questionable flutter earlier than that, but didn't feel anything that I knew 100.% was the baby till 21wks... have you only felt the baby one other time??

Amy-Sarah Morrow Due September 17 (girl); Eldridge, Alabama 8 posts
9th May '13

I am 21 weeks with my first child and have yet to feel anything. I was told at my last ultrasound that I had an anterior placenta and that could contribute to me not feeling anything but I am still worried sick

punkie1988 Due October 20; 2 kids; Center, Colorado 16 posts
9th May '13

thanks everyone i ended up calling my dr and she wants to do an ultrasound tomorrow to make sure everything is ok but i do appreciated all the advise so thanks again