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penispenispenisVAGINA 4 kids; Idaho 7119 posts
May 10th '13
Quoting Twin's Mommy:" <blockquote><b>Quoting nothinuneed2no:</b>" This was from ages 7 to like 14 roughly. ... [snip!] ... bed and the mattress was actually pretty light compared to most. "</blockquote> In my mind I was picturing a huge bed!"

LOL oh no! I probably wouldn't have done that with a queen or anything. My mom would find me under it and just laugh. I was also the kid who slept under the dresser, in the closet, under the couch cushions, under our then bunk beds and get stuck, on top of the dresser, behind my mom's bed(they had a water bed and it had a cubby hole between the actual bed and the wall. I was a weird sleeper.

FanGirl 2 kids; Tennessee 24362 posts
May 10th '13

we don't care either way but if the sheet is clean and can be found, we put it on the bed. lol

oddly enough, i used to lay between mattress and box spring too. usually i was upset and/or crying about something...would fall asleep there. would get bored and hang out there or under the bed.

krystal lee ♥ Due October 4 (boy); 1 child; 3 angel babies; New Jersey 2410 posts
May 10th '13

Always but on crazy wild nights they come off lol

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
May 10th '13

We use the fitted sheet but not the one that goes between the bed and the comforter.

~*~*~*~ ; 1 child; Biteme, ca, United States 1716 posts
May 10th '13

I picked other because I MUST have the fitted sheet, no matter what. I can't under any circumstances have a top sheet though. Luckily DH and I are the exact same on this issue.