Is she bored maybe Jeeper 1 child; Orlando, Florida 2287 posts
11th May '13

My car broke down and was broken for 2 months so we were trapped in our apartment unless her father or my parents came and picked us up to take us somewhere. She was fine at first but then she just started screaming all day long. I tried playing with her entertaining her with shows, videos, stories, and singing songs. It will get her to stop for a few minutes then she is back to screaming. The only time she was happy was if we went on a walk or went down to the pool. Then she got tubes put in her ears and its rainy season so both of those things don't happen anymore. My car is fixed now (yay) but now when were home she just screams. What the heck is wrong with her.

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1769 posts
11th May '13

Is she in pain?

Smash Fins ; 2 kids; Denver, Colorado 1289 posts
11th May '13

I would go with bored also... Especially if she wasn't like that before.

Jeeper 1 child; Orlando, Florida 2287 posts
11th May '13
Quoting orchidlovingmama:" Is she in pain?"

No I already checked for that. Her tummy isn't hurting she isn't having teething pain I sometimes give her Tylenol in case she has a headache because they do run in my family but it never helps. She does this every single day without fail she just screams most of the day except for a few minutes after I start singing or start reading a story then she loses interest after a few minutes and starts screaming again. I honestly think she's getting tired of me because she doesn't do it when her dad comes over on his days off or when we we're at my parents all day yesterday.