nausea and very tired ... loving my three + baby on Due August 10; Mexico 4960 posts
11th May '13

OK so I'm due for my period on the 15th of this month. For at least the past week I've been soooo tired I randomly knock out and I feel like I can't get much done because of this. Also the past few days I've had nausea so bad it hangs around for a while. Also have a little indigestion since yesterday..not normal for me. My dh came home the 26th of April and we've been sexually active since then. I feel pregnant but one, isn't it too early to have these symptoms and two, I always got pregnant with my kids late in my cycle like w my dd I got pregnant a week before AF was due and with my last a day before AF was due. So I'm hesitant to think I'm pregnant. What else could cause these symptoms? I'm also eating healthier and took benotite clay the other day, so maybe its my body detoxing? Although I'd imagine I'd feel the nausea sooner if it was due to that. I'd go to doctor but I just moved here and have to switch my insurance. Any ideas?

NeedingInfo Due January 11; 32 kids; Japan 66 posts
11th May '13

My period was due on the 8th of this month, i felt nausea three days before my missed period. So I'm sure it's possible to have symptoms that early.

Lyssa Ashley 1 child; Sanford, Maine 139 posts
11th May '13

With my first pregnancy I felt sick from the day after I had sex all the way up until I had DD.

mom of three 3 kids; Missouri 6120 posts
status 11th May '13

Right now your around 10 DPO, The egg usually implants around 6-9 DPO and you can have symptoms as soon as it implants... so no, its not too early.

loving my three + baby on Due August 10; Mexico 4960 posts
11th May '13

Thx for the replies ladies. I forgot to mention I'm getting some cramping so idk what's going on. Time will tell