Teething and fever yo-landi. 2 kids; Kiss my ass, NY, United States 16426 posts
May 12th '13

If your baby had a fever while teething, did it get high at any point?

DS is just about to get his first tooth and he's so irritable, with a runny nose and a 100.8 fever. I know that's nothing to panic over but I just want to make sure he's not getting sick or has a ear infection or something.


jen black 2 kids; California 2999 posts
May 12th '13

My daughters didn't go over 101. Sounds perfectly normal! Poor baby'

PurpleBama582 52 kids; Dothan, Alabama 3875 posts
May 12th '13

That sounds like a normal low-grade fever that goes along with teething. As long as his nose is running clear, he's probably not getting sick either. If it turns yellowish or greenish, then he might be getting a little sick.

Bad Things 1 child; Blacksburg, SC, United States 21141 posts
status May 12th '13

I heard teething causing fever was a myth. :/

That isnt even a fever and I wouldnt give him fever reducer if I were you.

Teething tablets really helped my son.

yo-landi. 2 kids; Kiss my ass, NY, United States 16426 posts
May 12th '13

Thanks everyone, that eases my mind a little. Every time I think he's teething, he's actually really sick. But I can see and feel the tooth about to poke through so hopefully it's for real this time and the rest won't be so hard on him. He's absolutely miserable. :cry:

um... Rutland, Vermont 597 posts
May 12th '13

dd never really went over 100 with teething. I would possibly have LO checked out though. DD was 100.8 - 101 for a couple days with a very runny nose... about the 4th day into it she was very fussy... at first i thought teething but something seemed off. i brought her in and she had a severe ear infection. and all she showed for signs was being 100.8, runny nose and fussiness. She wasnt pulling on her ears or anything.