Schools reporting absences. D&D iLL-Legal Unicorn Alien 3 kids; New York, TX, United States 37137 posts
12th May '13

Something in the NJ hostage case really caught my attention:

Officers initially went to the home in South Trenton Friday afternoon after a relative of 44-year-old Carmelita Stevens said she hadn't spoken to her in weeks and was worried, authorities said at a news conference Sunday. Upon further investigation, authorities then discovered her children hadn't been to school in 12 days.

12 DAYS?! and no one at the school thought something might be going on?

IDK this just baffles my mind, and if it wasn't because they investigated, this wouldn't have been found out about for God knows how long...

Anyone else think that this is crazy?

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
12th May '13

f**k if I missed one class the school called my mom.

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15563 posts
12th May '13

I forgot to call the school one day when DD was sick. They called me at about 9am to see what was going on.

Jenny&Boopy TTC since Jul 2014; 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 7324 posts
12th May '13

I get an automated call and an email when DS misses school even when I send in a note before that day.

gorgeouschaos712 2 kids; Hickory, North Carolina 596 posts
12th May '13

Definitely. Though when I was in high school I remember being able to skip several classes and none of the teachers contacted my mom. Even after she personally spoke to every single teacher of mine and gave them all her cell phone number. Schools just don't seem to care as much as they used to it seems anymore.

Munchkin Maker 2 kids; Maryland 733 posts
12th May '13

Schools here call the parents if the child misses a day, or even a class. I only know that because my 14 year old brother got busted last week when he skipped and his school called my mom. lol.

Peyton'sMommy♥ 1 child; Springfield, Ohio 16811 posts
12th May '13

Shit, I missed a week once and my parents were busy with me because I was in the hospital so they forgot to call and explain to the school. The school flipped and called my parents telling them how they were for not calling.

ღCeceღ 2 kids; Somewhere in, GA, United States 12513 posts
status 12th May '13

wow...shit if I missed school for one day my parents were called. that's crazy

iLL-Legal Unicorn Alien 3 kids; New York, TX, United States 37137 posts
12th May '13

That's how I remember my school being, like if you missed a class(es) your parents would get an automated message; and for unexcused absences, after so many your parents had to go in with you to clear up the situation.

I just, IDK I can't believe no one found this odd or that it didn't raise a flag somewhere.

one of each 4 me Due January 8; TTC since Mar 2014; 3 kids; Ohio 6198 posts
12th May '13

if my kids are not in school by 9am the school starts calling. if they can't get ahold of someone to find out if the child is safe then they are supposed to contact the proper authorities. the fact that the school didn't means they didn't follow protocol at all.

Vivian [♥] 2 kids; Balls Deep, in, Georgia 13916 posts
12th May '13

Schools called after a few hours of my absence.
That is, until high school. Or if they did call my mom, she never said anything because even though I was literally never at school, I had good grades and graduated early.

Simply, Mom 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Upland, 11712 posts
12th May '13


Sarah ♥ K&K 2 kids; South Land, CA, United States 118854 posts
12th May '13

I got threatened with court when my 5 year old who was in his first year of preK missed 4 days of school :shock:

TheNuge 1 child; Pennsylvania 23049 posts
13th May '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting ⚓ Sarah ⚓:</b>" I got threatened with court when my 5 year old who was in his first year of preK missed 4 days of school :shock:"</blockquote>

What! That's crazy. How is it that they think they have that authority?

Booger & Bubba's Mommy 18 kids; Illinois 8136 posts
13th May '13

I saw this post a few hours ago. Right after I put my 6yo on the bus. An hour & a half later the school robo calls me & tells me he's not there. Talk about a panic attack for me, especially since our house was broken into yesterday. I called the school immediately & was told there was a sub & hold on for a minute. They called the classroom & he is there, safe & sound in class. The sub accidentally marked him absent.

When I was in HS in the same district they wouldn't call till after school, they also sent a letter home too. Trying to ditch school when my mom got off work at the same time I go off school was impossible. She only works 10min from home.