input from women with PCOS please Jenna 2012 1 child; Missouri 1013 posts
14th May '13

I have PCOS. I know what it is and have dealt with it for more than a decade. I have successfully conceived one child. I was on clomid to get pregnant. Here's the issue. I don't want to use any fertility meds this time. I haven't taken a test yet this month so I'm just looking for some opinions and maybe your experience if you want to share.
Intercourse - May 7
Drop of blood - May 10
Next cycle due - June 1
Last cycle end - April 26
I tend to have a cycle between 28 and 36 days long and I have never been earlier than 28 days. Bleeding lasts 2-4 days and is usually extremely heavy, like changing every 1-2 hours. I'm wondering if the blood drops on May 10 could have been implantation bleeding? It was literally, like a drop but it occurred a total of three times between May 10-11. I couldn't find any good info on implantation bleeding though. How long should I wait to test? I was planning on testing maybe tomorrow. Too soon? I have typical pregnancy symptoms just about every month so I already have tender breasts, nausea, crankiness, the typically symptoms but that's nothing out of the ordinary.
Thanks in advance ladies :)

Cattails TTC since Oct 2011; 64 kids; North Carolina 857 posts
14th May '13

Could it have been ovulation bleeding? Or it could just be a little bit of blood from the intercourse.