Amanda Contento Florida 2300 posts
16th May '13

In that case, I'd set up a photo opportunity where everyone will line up and get 1 picture and 1 picture only. If yours comes out blurry or ugly then too bad lol

CrapBag. 3 kids; Minnesota 7927 posts
16th May '13
Quoting Just Ames:" It can also be more candid too. And about the price, yeah...some people want photos of their own but ... [snip!] ... I don't think the clients would be upset with the photographer. After all, those people ruining the pics are their guests, lol."

I for sure think it sucks that people get in the way. I am sure it isn't to purposely block the photographer, most people aren't thinking about that at the time.

HappinessInMisery 3 kids; Ohio 30396 posts
19th May '13

It's in my contract that if people do come trying to shoot while I am, they get one warning and them I'm out, and the bride and groom are not refunded. Period. Under any circumstances. I've never had to leave, because the people are usually cooperative...but the wedding I JUST did Friday some old woman wouldn't move so I walked up in front of her to get my shots, you have to do what you have to do.