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thugkitchen * Kat * 2 kids; Okinawa, Japan 373 posts
18th May '13

I am rolling in my chair laughing at this page. It's ridiculously profane, but pretty hilarious.

Colt's mommy 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 25121 posts
18th May '13

Lmfao! "Taste it and add more shit till you like it"

ERMAGHERD BEEDS! 3 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4103 posts
18th May '13

Love this!!!

user banned 2 kids; Iowa 7762 posts
18th May '13

I'm not gonna lie I thought about making a cooking blog like this. Mother f****r took my idea.

Lol it's awesome though.

Proginoskes II 3 kids; North Carolina 1295 posts
18th May '13

I love it! Hilarious!

Commander Shepard 18 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 6447 posts
18th May '13


Sugarhiccup LLC ; 5 kids; Lahaina, Hawaii 2845 posts
19th May '13

This is hilarious! :)