What was the hardest part Belle. 2 kids; Alberta 6775 posts
May 21st '13

About going from 1-2 kids? Also if you want to have your kids close in age when is an ideal time to have a second?

MamaRound3 Due January 9; 2 kids; Oklahoma 482 posts
May 21st '13

I have 3 years between my first two, and I feel like it was ideal because then she was potty trained by the time he was born ;)

user banned 2 kids; Vice City, Ca, United States 63160 posts
May 21st '13

<For me, it was my oldest adjusting to my divided attention. She was so used to it being all about her, that she went through a little "everyone loves the baby more" phase when he first came home.

_______Nope_________ 23772 posts
May 21st '13

For me it was having to split my time.

Meaning, with one I could easily take her anywhere by myself. We could swim, whatever. We could go to her classes and I could watch. With two I have to split that time. I can't take them swimming by myself now. If we go to a class I have to pay attention to the younger one and can't focus on the older one. So IMO it's a LOT more work because it's double the kids, lol.

I think a good age is whatever the people want. Mine are 14 months apart and I regret that choice a lot of days. It's nice that they'll grow up so close, but it would have been really nice to have to dealt with the toddler stage one at a time.

A mother & wife 2 kids; Pennsylvania 4817 posts
May 21st '13

My children are 22 months apart and I should of waited another year. For one diapers. Two I wanted to give my son more his time. But GOD did have another plan and I dont regret my daughter one bit.

The hardest was giving my son the alone time with just the two of us that he needed. Especially with breastfeeding.

castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 20306 posts
May 21st '13

for me 2 has been easier than one. They are 3 1/2 years apart and it's just perfect. my older one isn't needy because she isn't too young, but they are close enough in age to be friends and play.

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 63165 posts
May 21st '13

This sounds silly, but for me it was having to figure out a new cleaning routine. :lol: Everything else went smoothly, but learning to keep a clean home with two of them was a little insane....still is. Mine are 2.5 years apart and I love it. Number three will probably be around 5 years younger than our son, I'm not really thrilled to have them spaced out that is what it is!

Vivian [♥] 2 kids; Balls Deep, in, Georgia 13935 posts
May 21st '13

For me the grocery store was harder. Simply because I have DS in his carseat in the basket and DD in the cart's seat, so I can't get everything I need in the basket until I go with DH and we take two carts.

Getting sleep is harder. If ones asleep the other is awake. And keeping DD ( 3.5) quiet so DS can sleep is a painnnnnnnn. SO glad I didn't have kids closer together for that reason.

GetItGirl Due September 21; 2 kids; Virginia 3096 posts
May 21st '13

that i cannot give my son my full attention if his sister is crying and he wants a drink he has to wait while i feed her..things like that.. that and the grocery store lol my son just turned 3 2 mos before my DD was born and i wish i would have had them closer together...i'm thinking maybe get pregnant again when DD is 1?

Belle. 2 kids; Alberta 6775 posts
May 21st '13

Ah that's smart. I want to at least wait until my first is weaned.

Vivian [♥] 2 kids; Balls Deep, in, Georgia 13935 posts
May 21st '13
Quoting pilot Jess:" for me 2 has been easier than one. They are 3 1/2 years apart and it's just perfect. my older one isn't needy because she is too young, but they are close enough in age to be friends and play."

I've heard that before. I can't wait until DS is old enough to play with DD.
Right now DD wants to play all day and I just can't all the time when I'm tending to the baby.

Jenny&Boopy 3 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 9659 posts
status May 21st '13

Mine are 6 years apart. It's nice because DS is pretty independent so I'm only chasing after the little one for now. It's bad because they can't play together. We'll probably try for another one soon, if so my second and third would be less than two years apart.

user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
May 21st '13

Splitting my time and with 2 under 2, I am responsible for every bit of 3 people's daily functioning. I have to do everything for 3 people, plus all the other daily chores, it can become overwhelming at times. Getting ready and going places takes twice as long.

Riley+Abby 2 kids; Toronto, Ontario 2423 posts
May 21st '13

I'm wondering this right now, since there is a chance that I'll be going from 1-2.

And what did you guys do to make the transition easier?

Monique and Dominic's mom 2 kids; Wyoming 2769 posts
May 21st '13

Nap time was a time of rest or cleaning for me. Now, DS is awake while DD is asleep and vice versa.
Planning things is a bit harder now.

There is a 4 year, 2 week age gap between DD and DS. It's easy because I only have to worry about one diapered butt instead of two.