[Doe Eyed Dirty Lurker] ; 18 kids; noneya, TN, United States 3245 posts
22nd May '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting ღFrodoliciousღ:</b>" We have Hulu, it's actually a LOT better than Netflix when it comes to TV. WAY more shows, and updated the day after the new episode airs. It's how we watched all of Once Upon a Time this season. "</blockquote>

Ok, then can I ask you something? We just did a 1 weeks free trial for it for the sole reason of watching supernatural season 8. When we looked it up...they only had 5 episodes...and they weren't even the first or last in the season, they were jerked out of the middle. If that's because we just have the trial and they actually have the whole season I will totally get it...if not, its just to upsetting for me to bother with.

Ellie Goulding 1 child; London, --, United Kingdom 5138 posts
22nd May '13

I'll bet $10 there are full episodes on the youtube app.