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23rd May '13

I decided i wanted a natural birth at the beginning of my pregnancy. I started doing alot of research and hired a doula who was absolutely amazing i wouldn't have been able to have a natural birth without her. I was 39 weeks when i started feeling dizzy and feeling a pulse behind my ears so i went to the hospital. They told me i had gestational hypertension which is the step before pre eclamsia. The doctor wanted to induce me that night but i really wanted my little one to come on his own when he was ready so i asked to be put on bed rest and to be monitored, my doctor agreed. However my blood pressure kept spiking so they scheduled my to be induced Sunday night at 9pm. I was admitted into the hospital and they inserted cervadile in me at 10 pm to weaken my cervix. My contractions started picking up big time and they were so back to back with no rests that they were afraid that my cervix would rupture. so at 1 am they took the cervadile out and started pitocin at 6 am. I stayed two cm and 70% effacaced from 6 am to 3:30 pm. My contractions were non stop and so painful that at 3:30 pm i begged them to take me off the pitocin for a little bit so i could eat, rest, and get in the bath. The doctor agreed and at 7 pm that night they started me on pitocin again. The doctor kept asking to give me and epifural and to break my water to move things along but i knew that would put me on a time limit and if i didnt dilate within that time they would do a c section. so i told her i wanted to wait for my water to break naturally. My doctor agreed but said if my water didn't break by 7 am the next morning she was going to break it. My contractions stayed very intense and steady and i stayed 2 cm and 70% effaced until 3 am when my water finally broke. By 5 am i was 8 cm and and my body started pushing for me. i was in so much pain all i could remember was when my contractions would come and my body started pushing the nurses kept telling me to relax my body and try not to push or my cervix would rupture. It was so hard when my body was doing it for me. My doula was amazing every contraction she would put pressure on my lower back and talk me through my breathing. My doula was also helpful to my boyfriend to tell him how to help me and coach me through labor. at 6 am i was 9 cm and i felt like i was loosing my mind i told everyone i didnt care what any one said i wanted drugs i couldnt take the pain anymore so they brought in the iv. they hooked up the iv and were about to put it in my arm when i changed my mind at the last minute. i was so close to the end i decided to push through. all of a sudden at 7 am i couldn't stop my body from pushing anymore and i could feel him crowning i screamed for the nurse to get my doctor and as the doctor was walking in the room his little head was coming out. i pushed for 30 minutes and i got a second degree tear. but at 7:33 am May 7th my little Abel Stephen Henson was born. 8 pounds 10 ounces 21.5 inches long. Doing a natural birth was the most empowering and intense experience of my life i am so happy and proud of myself for doing it. I feel like i can do anything now. I feel like i have a better bond with my Boyfriend and my baby because we did it together it has forever changed my life

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status 23rd May '13

Congrats! And good for you for doing it all natural. I had a natural birth with my second, it was amazing.

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23rd May '13

I'm a hormonal mess so I balled my face off! First off CONgRATS!! I have had 5 natural births and plan the same this time! You are superwoman! Not many go naturally anymore.

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23rd May '13

Congratulations, Pitocin is TERRIBLE I don't know how you were able to manage the contractions for that long.