Bayou Bend Pictures Mr. Inappropriate 2 kids; Talofofo, GU, Guam 15032 posts
24th May '13

A friend took pictures of Sebastian & Daphne Laurel at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens.

What leaf?
Silly me!
Dad, these shoes are slippy!
I'm not walking any further.
Sebastian, photographer extraordinaire
Cheesing for brother.
The end

Ellie. 34 kids; Arizona 25371 posts
24th May '13

Omg... the cuteness is killing me!!!!!!!!!

lise ♡ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Cold, Ol, Canada 62799 posts
status 24th May '13

Her cheesing for big brother is the cutest!!!

mama erica. 2 kids; New York 60568 posts
24th May '13

Daphne is SO smiley, how adorable. You and R make some gorgeous kids!

Bonnie Beaver♥ TTC since Jan 2014; 2 kids; North Pole, Alaska 18185 posts
24th May '13

I love how we can see you in the sunglass reflection trying to make her cheese. haha

Sarah ♥ K&K 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Golden Coast, CA, United States 116810 posts
24th May '13

OMG I just cant..they are too cute. The last one of Seb!!! Ahh

Mr. Inappropriate 2 kids; Talofofo, GU, Guam 15032 posts
24th May '13

He wasn't happy about posing for the last all. :D

Emily Dickinson 18 kids; Indiana 57831 posts
24th May '13

So adorable!!

uəəๅๅoƆ fuknutz, NM, Togo 105368 posts
status 28th May '13

They are cute as ever, Ant!