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The Great Deku Tree 1 child; Kokiri Forest, IN, United States 4124 posts
status 29th May '13
Quoting Chelsie Marie
Love_beingMOM 18 kids; Michigan 1282 posts
30th May '13

DS's 1st word was "poop". It sounded like he said b**b when he said it & I was like, "Did you just say b**b?"... then I heard him let out a big poop!!
DD's 1st word was "Momma" & she said it this past Mother's Day <3 Such a wonderful gift!!

Diana plus 2 2 kids; Norfolk, Virginia 3576 posts
30th May '13

Madilynn's first word, at 11 months, was b**b....cuz well, my b**bs were her BFF. She loooooved to nurse. She knew if she said b**b, she'll get it. Then she'd scream out b**bs in the middle of the store and tries to pull my shirt down in front of everyone. :oops:

♥MamaToSilas♥ 1 child; Illinois 9201 posts
status 1st Jun '13

Silas' first word was "yuck" at 8 months old. He was on the floor playing with the cat and he grabbed her face and YELLED yuck at her and then laughed and crawled away from her. I thought it was a fluke.. Till the next day he wouldn't stop saying it lol.

I actually have a video of him crawling away from the vacuum(he's scared of it) and him going "yuck!" as he's trying to get away lol.

Sweet lullaby Dearborn Heights, Michigan 30436 posts
2nd Jun '13

I got Jacobs 1st word on video!

* dadda* I freaked out at the end you can hear me go ohhh, Which was followed by Ohhhh my god! lol

Iron Man 6 kids; 1 angel baby; 1700 posts
4th Jun '13

My oldest son's first word (Besides Mama and Dadda) was "Led". In reference to Led Zeppelin.

Because my DH began trying to teach him about classic rock when he was 6 months old. Regardless of how often I told him that chances were that Charlie wasn't going to be able to pronounce "Zeppelin" before he was one, he was fairly determined that he'd figure out how to say it.

At about 10 months, DH was pointing to a picture of the band, and finally convinced Charlie to say "Led". I remember him yelling about how awesome it was...The only downside was that Charlie was convinced that EVERY kind of music was Led. He's figured it out now, though. :D

Captain K'nuckles ⚓ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Elizabeth, WV, United States 4970 posts
4th Jun '13

Will this ever go to voting?!

Love Wedge +2 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Waterloo, Ontario 44310 posts
4th Jun '13
Quoting Chelsie Marie
Captain K'nuckles ⚓ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Elizabeth, WV, United States 4970 posts
4th Jun '13
Quoting Love Wedge +2:" Doesn't look like it :lol:"


Love_beingMOM 18 kids; Michigan 1282 posts
7th Jun '13

Break the tie!!

Love_beingMOM 18 kids; Michigan 1282 posts
9th Jun '13

Congrats to the winners! Would anyone else like to make some sort of siggy? I've been & will be so busy with moving for awhile!!