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For fun. lovemylittleladies 2 kids; Michigan 1269 posts
29th May '13

So I'm not pregnant right now but me and hubby are going to start trying for our 3rd soon. If we have a boy his name will be Eli but we can't decide on middle name. Michael is hubby's name and using fathers name for the middle name is tradition in his family but we both love the name James. What do you think sounds better.

I have two girls already.
Kaylynn Sophie
Hannah Cora
We haven't picked another girl name yet but hubby likes the name Callie.

mɑkɑnɑni USA, FL, United States 62774 posts
29th May '13

I love James so Eli James.

The Bear and The Bird 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42574 posts
29th May '13

I think they're both very handsome but Eli Michael flows a little bit better.