MamaK[+2] TTC since Sep 2014; 2 kids; IDK, SK, Canada 972 posts
May 29th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Tara plus 2.5:):</b>" I felt really bad after I had my daughter 12 months ago. My body didn't shrink back as quick as my first ... [snip!] ... a lot better. And your SO thins your beautiful bc your are! You just had his baby there's nothing more beautiful than that! :)"</blockquote>

Thanks mama.

Mrs.Wood+2 2 kids; Michigan 430 posts
May 31st '13

Im kinda going thru the same thing there are days when i feel SO SEXY! (bc i dont have that baby belly anymore). And days where i look at myself and feel huge. gotta love hormones :[ But no you are not alone!