2nd Delivery Faster? NYLA Love Due October 1 (girl); 1 child; Lawrenceville, Georgia 401 posts
May 31st '13

I've heard that your second (and any after that) will be a much faster delivery. Even my doctor mentioned it to me. How many of you have experienced this? Just curious...

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15566 posts
May 31st '13

Not true. My second was faster than my first, but the third was longer than both of the previous 2 combined.

Mutha. TTC since Jan 1995; 3830 posts
May 31st '13

My second was faster. With my first I pushed for 12 minutes, with my second I pushed for 3. I'm not having anymore kids so I don't know about anything after the second one. lol

mrs.bedell 2 kids; Grand Forks, North Dakota 763 posts
May 31st '13

I am not sure if I want it faster my son was only 5 hours of labor 4 pushes we were scheduled to be induced which my husband heard takes forever so when it all happened naturally and quickly my husband almost fainted they had to give him juice lol. Any quicker I am pretty positive he will faint lol

Christine Wilson 4 kids; Kentucky 236 posts
May 31st '13

My second was faster than my first but my third was a way longer labor but just as fast with the pushing part (2nd and 3rd were one push).

GL♣PC♥BC 3 kids; Destin, FL, United States 9408 posts
May 31st '13

My first iw as 4.5 cm and induced with pitocin because my water was leaking. 6.5 hours from start to birth
My second i was 2cm when my water broke, i had a home birth and it was 5 hours from start to birth

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 63165 posts
May 31st '13

Mine was faster, but I also labored at home and didn't have an epidural. I think those factors greatly helped.

MNM33333333333333 Columbia, South Carolina 1782 posts
May 31st '13

Mine was slower by an hour. He was much larger than his older brother though.

Bawse Litchfield, NY, United States 76974 posts
status May 31st '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting homes cool:</b>" Mine was faster, but I also labored at home and didn't have an epidural. I think those factors greatly helped. "</blockquote>

My first was an induction and I had an epi. The entire thing was 9 hours, 1 1/2 hour of that being pushing.
My second was 9 hours from start to finish, but it was natural and I only pushed 3 times. I delivered in an ambulance :lol:
My third was an induction, again. 9 hours total. No pain meds. Pushed for just a couple minutes.
My fourth was like 45 min from start to finish. A few pushes. She was born at home ha.

drunk faith1 1 child; Alabama 10081 posts
May 31st '13

It's not a guarantee, but it seems to lean that way.

JekkaLynn Due May 19; 17 kids; Ontario 283 posts
May 31st '13

My first labor they applied gel at 2 weeks overdue my cervix was closed. They applied it at 9 am and I had my daughter 11:54pm that night without them having to do anything else to encourage the labor to keep going. I pushed for 10 minutes then had to stop pushing for tearing and was too scarred of the pain to start again for 5 minutes or so then spent 5 minutes pushing again at the end and delivered. -14 hours

This labor they applied gel at 10:35 at 8 days overdue my cervix was 2cm. I was back in the hospital at 2pm and they said my cervix was still 2cm so I wasn't in labor just reacting to the gel. But since I live far from the hospital I could stay till they checked me and gave a second dose at 4:30pm. Instead the doctor made it just in time to deliver my son at 4:16pm. -less then 6 hours

tooodles 240 kids; Thailand 5075 posts
May 31st '13

Not true for every woman. I was induced with my first and once I wad in active labor it went pretty fast like a couple hours. With my second my water broke on its own and took a while for the contractions to get stronger but omce they did labor was only a couple hours as well.

cn&i♥ 2 kids; Indiana 1019 posts
May 31st '13

With my first, I had my water broken around 8 am (had been having steady, but not painful contractions all night) and had her at 920 pm that night. Pushed for about 5 minutes.
With my second my water broke around 3pm. I started being induced around 6pm and I had him at 244am. Pushed for about 30 seconds. So yes, I'd say my second was easier, but he was also 4 weeks early .

C♥W 3 kids; Minnesota 219 posts
May 31st '13

My water broke with my first and gushed out like a waterfall but nothing happened after that for 5 hours lol. Then they gave me pitocin and it took another 5 hours to fully dilate and 20 minutes of pushing. With my second, I was admitted at 10 pm; broke my water at 12 midnight and delivered my second son in seconds, without pushing, LOL at 1:26 am. My body literally pushed my son out. My nurses were kind of pushing his head back in to give enough time for my doctor to put his gloves on, LOL. So my second labor was faster and smoother. I don