Do you believe this? user banned
31st May '13

Okay...there is so many wrongs in this article. I understand squat toilets are not the same as regular ones, but she HAD to have known the baby was coming...right? It couldn't have "accidently" dropped in there. And now she has the baby back. I feel like it was an attempt to "rid herself" of the baby because the law is so strict in China and now she has a second opportunity to kill I wrong? What do ya'll think?


BakingBean2 2 kids; Ohio 2247 posts
31st May '13

BULL SHIT. No way in hell it was an accident and no way in hell should she have that baby back, if it was an accident she would have ran screaming for help, not just let it almost die I'm sure she thought it was dead.... Now I just worry about the kind of mother she is going to be to this poor innocent baby. :(

CJKB+JMB=AMB 1 child; Watertown, New York 2525 posts
31st May '13

i saw the pics, looks fake imo. but idk if its real then i would say its probably true,i wouldn't be surprised if she was to scared to come forward their fucked up towards women in China