Quick - I need drugs. Kait. 3 kids; Iowa 2345 posts
1st Jun '13

What is the best thing for a cough? I was up all night coughing (I have bronchitis and sinus infection). I was throwing up blood from coughing so damn hard. I'm on Z-Pak right now (2nd day of it)... can I take something else to help with my cough at least at night? My chest is on fire :(

Pukey McPukerton Due January 15 (girl); Ontario 465 posts
1st Jun '13

Amoxicillin trihydrate...

Inquisitor. 1 child; Mississippi 12072 posts
status 1st Jun '13

Honey mixed with lemon will help.

Nut ღ Meg 1 child; 1 angel baby; Beverly Hills, CA, United States 40256 posts
1st Jun '13

Robitussin always helps me.

Kait. 3 kids; Iowa 2345 posts
1st Jun '13

Thank you.