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1st Jun '13
Quoting Kady:" Now here's some names I haven't heard in a long time, thank you!!"

Lol, you are very welcome hun. Good luck. :D

Ꭿuᴛumnɑl ~, FL, United States 73758 posts
1st Jun '13

How are you pronouncing it?

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1st Jun '13
Quoting Kady:" Katharina. The name is in stone so I gotta find something that goes with it and I am coming up empty......"

Katharina Joy
Katharina Margaret
Katharina Lily
Katharina Belle
Katharina Georgia
Katharina Claire
Katharina Daisy
Katharina Florence
Katharina Blythe
Katharina Alice
Katharina Willow
Katharina June
Katharina Isis
Katharina Helen