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2nd Jun '13
Quoting Walking in Memphis:" We have two boys so I made them both t-shirts that said "big brother" when he came home from work that ... [snip!] ... day he saw them both wearing them and says "are you serious?! We're having a baby?!!" He was really excited and surprised:)"

this is a cute idea! lol

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status 2nd Jun '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting 17 weeks with #3!:</b>" this is a cute idea! lol"</blockquote>

It was hard to keep it from him but I was out of town when I found out and since it was our 3rd I wanted to do something different from before. The previous times I couldn't hold it in and told him within 5 mins of finding out. Lol.

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2nd Jun '13

With #1 he was with me at the dr
With this one he was laying down with LO and I tested,walked out of the bathroom and said "yeah I'm pregnant" and he sat straight up and said "really!"

I can't keep it a secret from him

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2nd Jun '13

First time I took it and without looking walked out of the bathroom to wait with him for 3 minutes
next time I want to tell him in a cute way

❥New Beginnings Due September 2; TTC since Jul 2012; 1 child; California 16189 posts
2nd Jun '13

I personally couldn't call I feel like news like that should be shared in person! unless it wasn't considered happy news I suppose

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2nd Jun '13

I WANTED to find a onesie that said I love daddy and give it to him with the test buutt we had broken up 2 days prior and he was sleeping on my couch until he could move so i woke his drunk ass up and handed him the test and said you wanted a baby, you got a baby

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2nd Jun '13

With DD I texted him and told me to call him as soon as he was alone (at work) and when he called I was crying and said I didnt expect it but I was pregnat. With DS I was taking the test while DH was bringing groceries inside and I started hyperventalating and when he walked in the door I screamed "im pregnant" and he came in laughing because he thought I was joking. With this one I called him and said "so I peed on a stick and im pretty sure theres a line there"