cn&i♥ 2 kids; Indiana 1019 posts
2nd Jun '13

Never mind, found it :)

loving little luna 1 child; Stavanger, Norway 835 posts
3rd Jun '13
Quoting C, N, & I ♥:" I have never heard of the mei tai carriers.. I will have to look them up. Glad I asked before going off and buying a bjorn."

i freaking HATED our bjorn. i bought it without researching. it hurt my back SO badly. i ended up selling it for a mere $20 just to get rid of it. i paid $80. i ended up getting an ergo and i am BEYOND thankful i did. i love it so very much and use it all the time! it's great for runs to the store, traveling (LO sleeps like an angel even while i'm running through an airport), walking, etc.

ƒideℓis ϟ 1 child; Cherry Hill, New Jersey 5085 posts
7th Jun '13
Quoting C, N, & I ♥:" <blockquote><b>Quoting
Mrs.Wood+2 2 kids; Michigan 430 posts
10th Jun '13

Moby was awesome for my newborn! I learned one carry off you tube and its been awesome. Also just got an ergo I love it but I think it will be much better when she's more then 8 pounds!