YAAAA, TTC or TTA His Dairy Queen Due September 12 (boy); TTC since Jan 2015; 5 kids; 6 angel babies; Edmonton, AB, Canada 3543 posts
3rd Jun '13 baby is 4 weeks old, I know he's still young. But hubby and I are pretty sure we are going to TTC for another soon, or maybe the adoption route. I'm so happy, just have to talk with my dr when I have my 6 week check up. How long after a c-section is a good time to try for another?

Good Queen Bess 2 kids; Ontario 48023 posts
status 3rd Jun '13

You should give your body 12 months to recover completely.

lacTAYtor. ☮ 3 kids; North Carolina 4496 posts
3rd Jun '13

Ideally at least a year.

Iyahna :^P 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Southern California, cA, United States 15568 posts
status 3rd Jun '13

I would wait longer than a month.probably a year

SailorJerry Due September 11 (boy); 2 kids; California 17699 posts
3rd Jun '13

I was always told at least a year plus before ttc....especially after a c section which was what I had as well.

Shannon +4 Due February 22 (boy); 4 kids; Beaumont, Alberta 8977 posts
status 4th Jun '13

I had a c section April 9th 2010 and then April 13 2011 mine went smooth but I don't think they recommended it.. I had to be seen my mayo invade of complications