Ultrasound - It's a...! Jadzia & Zoie *10/4* 1 child; Hemet, California 21 posts
3rd Jun '13


tee.air.rah 1 child; California 1184 posts
3rd Jun '13

Congrats! Go team pink :)

Serial Mom ✄ 18 kids; Michigan 2690 posts
3rd Jun '13

Congrats! Girls are wonderful. I should know, I have 2 :)

mom of three 3 kids; Missouri 5303 posts
3rd Jun '13

oh yay!! Congrats!! Im hoping thats the news I get at my u/s! lol

Mom of 4 Little Boys! 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Hillsboro, Oregon 4726 posts
3rd Jun '13

Congrats! I am hoping they will tell me the same at my 20 week scan and that they were wrong about it being yet another boy when they told me at 12 weeks.

Aussielover 1 child; Nunya, ga, United States 822 posts
5th Jun '13