Why does she step on everything? Pippi & Maddi's Mommy 18 kids; Brooksville, Kentucky 1284 posts
5th Jun '13

DD is 13 months old and she will go out of her way to step on things. Not living things, she's good with them, but if a toy or something is on the floor she will go over and step on it then walk away. I guess she wants to see how it feels? Is this normal?

FanGirl 2 kids; Tennessee 24354 posts
5th Jun '13

i've thought about posting about this. my DD likes to stand on her toys or she puts something in the floor just to step on it. :roll:

one night, i gave her 2 cookies (so she had one for each hand), she took them, placed them side by side in the floor then went to stomp on them till i stopped her.

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
5th Jun '13

Mine does it too. She enjoys climbing over everything though. Lol

✖Mandalorian 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Georgia 5386 posts
5th Jun '13

I'd say normal. DS does it and my niece did as well. Especially outside, He LOVES to step on leaves and sticks. lol

bbgirlpeet Rheden, Netherlands 529 posts
5th Jun '13

I used to do it and still do it :oops:

When I was little I wanted to see what it felt like and if it would make noise, now I like to step on leaves and sticks because I like the sound.....

Yes, I know I am weird....

j0des(+2) 18 kids; Virginia 5095 posts
5th Jun '13

Id say normal. My kid does it all the time. Drives me nuts lol he is always trying to kill himself :lol:

Pippi & Maddi's Mommy 18 kids; Brooksville, Kentucky 1284 posts
5th Jun '13

YAY my kid's not crazy!