does your lo do this? Amy Packer 1 child; Battle Creek, Michigan 533 posts
5th Jun '13

My son has started getting mad when we say no to somethings and he will headbutt the floor, like he gets on his hands and knees and just hits his head on the ground a few times then crys..he also will smack his face when fighting sleep. Does anyone elses lo do this and how do you get them to stop or what do you do when they cry about it? He is 13 months old if that makes a difference. Im posting and running so thanks in advance and ill check this after work.

-GoldenGirls 1 child; Lebanon, Mo, United States 1389 posts
status 5th Jun '13

Yes. DD did it all the time. Now she just kicks her feet. She figured out banging her head hurts. Finally.