Vent Momma Rawks 1 child; Iowa 7175 posts
7th Jun '13

I hate when someone dies, and people immediately began asking the close friends and family of that person about the manner of death. None of your damn business, and it's so insensitive. I understand that people let their curiosity get the best of them, and when someone young dies unexpectedly, we're filled with questions. But damn, lay off the damn interrogation. Grief is enough of a pain in the ass--dealing with nosy people is ridiculous.

When my fiance died by suicide, a million freakin' people, including people I didn't know, were messaging me and asking why. I talk about it candidly now, but I didn't need all of that bullshit at the time. None of your damn business is what I wanted to tell them.

A guy I grew up with just died today. ALL OVER my newsfeed on Facebook people are just asking everyone what happened and stuff. Cool, I get it, it's confusing that he died so suddenly without explanation. But get a grip and show some respect. His close friends and family are trying to deal with the shock and hurt of his death, they don't need that. Especially not on a freakin' Facebook page!

Sometimes it's okay to ask. People ask me how my fiance died and I tell them. But it happened in 2011, I've had time to deal with stuff. But it has been less than 24 hours--and it just bothers me so much because I feel awful about it. Like shit, if you REALLY have to ask, at least have the decency to use a private message or a phone call.

I'm also really tired and emotional tonight. But still, I'm aggravated. I also wanted to post this on FB, but didn't want people to think I was specifically targeting them. People suck sometimes.

KNZ. 3 kids; Washington 59253 posts
7th Jun '13

it's cos people want a story to tell.
and to feel more involved.
i mean, sometimes it's out of general concern,
and you can be concerned and still want a story to tell.
but i feel ya.
my brother passed away unexpectedly this month in 2009
and people came out of the damn woodworks wanting to know what happened,
people who didn't care about him at all when he was living.
it is annoying.
humans are curious.
sorry for your loss.

Red Bottom 2 kids; Middelfart, Denmark 15275 posts
7th Jun '13

I think it's a natural reaction to wonder why someone you cared about is no longer on the earth.

I don't think they generally mean any harm when asking,or even understand that it might sound offensive to anyone.

I know that I'm guilty of this when someone is upset and they tell me it's because they lost someone close to them and my response has been "Oh no! What happened!?" to offer my condolences.

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
7th Jun '13

I find it disrespectful to be honest. I feel like people are only asking for gossip. Like you haven't talked to this person since when this amount of time & NOW that they've passed away you want to come in here all concern and wonder how he die. Yeah, hmm .. NO! If you were really as close you wouldn't have to go around asking what happened. You'd already know.