Spoon vs no Spoon and How? Seth-y-Felicia 1 child; Washington 157 posts
7th Jun '13

Introducing Solids since 6 months to our DD. She's 7.5months now. She wants to grab the spoon (but she wants to grab everything) so we've been spoon feeding her and sometimes giving her the mesh feeder. When we give her the spoon, hardly any gets in her mouth and get's me frustrated because then what's the point?

Do you let them hands on?
Do you spoon feed them yourself?
Do you let them spoon feed themselved? (At what age?)

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 62938 posts
7th Jun '13

I never spoon fed my kids, I mean, I tried and took a picture but it never worked for us. We'd hand them foods, spoons and if it If not, we just figured they weren't ready.

CandiceLeeAnn 2 kids; Nova Scotia 500 posts
7th Jun '13

I had a spoon and they had a spoon. Someone was bound to get it in their mouth. It was messy and it was fun. It's definitely a learning experience and we let them eat with their hands too :)

Leah+2 2 kids; Texas 5797 posts
7th Jun '13

I kept the spoon for this reason. Lol. But I let him feed himself the little puff things or Cheerios to keep him occupied enough to eat.

Seth-y-Felicia 1 child; Washington 157 posts
14th Jun '13

Really appreciate the feedback here. Thank you!!!

Melissa 1 child; Michigan 1411 posts
14th Jun '13

I started with handing her the spoon and she would put it in her mouth...that got old so I just cut everything up small and made sure it was soft enough for her to chew without teeth and let her have at it. It took a good month before she was proficient at getting food in her mouth.