Boston Butt ^.^ Chippermunkk Dalzell, South Carolina 37458 posts
7th Jun '13

How do you make yours?

Amanda.Hill Due January 4; 1 child; Montgomery, Alabama 396 posts
7th Jun '13

If it's not cooked in a smoker, I cook it in the crockpot. Very easy and always good. I'm mobile or I'd post a link. (=

Heather ♥ 3 kids; Miami, Florida 2429 posts
7th Jun '13

2 italian dry seasonings
2 ranch dry seasonings
1 bag baby carrots
10ish red potatoes, quartered
1 package whole portobella mushrooms
1 C water

put roast in first them dump the rest on top (crock pot), let cook on high for 6 hours.

Destinite TTC since May 2011; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Florida 30876 posts
8th Jun '13

Crock pot

Sara❥ 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 8621 posts
8th Jun '13

Crockpot seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Put a little water or oil in the bottom.

I've also cooked it in the oven but you have to do it low and slow.

We are making some for Declan's birthday party. We are gonna have pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ chicken, macoroni salad and hot dogs for the little ones that don't eat the other stuff.